Garden Designers and Landscapers

If you are a Garden Designer, we can help you.

Garden DesignIf you have had your garden designed, and you're out looking for all the plants, we can also help.

Every garden design has, as part of it, a list of plants. Let us have a look at it, and then we can give you a quotation for supplying them. As we carry such a wide range of plants, we can usually supply most of the plants on a list. If we don't have them in stock, we can very often get them for you, or tell you where you can find them.

This way, we can save you a lot of searching and leg work, and also save you money.

And what is easier than getting everything from one source, and collecting it or having it delivered when you want it?

Just ring up, call in, fax or e-mail us. Then we can give you a quote, with no obligations, and no charge.

Or if you are in the process of doing up the garden and you need a bit of advice on what plants to put where, we are equally happy to help out.

Also, we have contacts with a number of Garden Designers, and can put you in touch. We do not recommend any particular one, but leave it to you to deal with them directly.